Cai Aga often shares his daily life in the community.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Million YouTuber Cai Aga and his second uncle have two sons "Cai Taogui" and "Cai Bo Neng" after marriage. They often share family life in the community.

Cai Aga revealed on the 28th that Cai Taogui had a fever, but it wasn't the new coronavirus or enterovirus, and he didn't have symptoms of a cold. Yesterday (3) he finally found out the cause and updated his fans about his current situation.

Cai Aga reported Cai Taogui's condition to fans.

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Cai Aga posted on IG yesterday (30th) that Cai Taogui had a fever for three days in a row. After the examination, he found severe inflammation in his ears, so he was diagnosed with otitis media. The doctor also wondered why Cai Taogui did not feel pain, but fortunately it was not roseola or Conditions that require hospitalization, such as Kawasaki disease.

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Cai Aga said, "Thank you for providing a lot of valuable experience and reference these two days", and Cai Taogui's condition has improved a lot, Cai Aga also let go of the big stone in his heart, "Your director is back with full blood! Everything is normal today, please be safe."

Netizens also left messages one after another, "Great, Guigui's life is safe", "It's hard work for Guigui, Gaga and Erbo".

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