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Elisaveta from "The Bachelor" became one of the most active participants, but not thanks to her relationship with the most desired TV bachelor at the moment, Evgeni Genchev, but because of the scandals with her participation.

However, the interesting thing is that, despite everything, so far she has not had a head-on collision with another participant in the format.

Eli makes his comments both directly and tries to keep them quiet, which logically irritated many.

They, of course, hastened to define her as a "cowardly villain", but does Elizabeth herself care about the choir's opinion.

See what he uploads to his social media profile and judge for yourself.

As we know social media is abuzz with gossip and photos about some of the contestants in the second season of the love show, and it all started with Gabi Blanco, who was allegedly a paid companion from a popular adult site.

Gabi herself, of course, categorically denied this information, even saying in an Instagram story that she has her own clothing site and is not a prostitute.

The artist from "The Bachelor" knows no shame, this is how she takes pictures

The latest gossip on social networks is that Elisaveta, who is Gabi's friend, has a son from a previous relationship.

In some forums, users claim that the blonde didn't even hide it, uploading several photos with the boy on her profile, show.blitz writes.

And maybe the gossip will turn out to be the truth, because Elisaveta's profile actually has photos with a baby boy, although for now she refrains from commenting.

It is also possible that the child belongs to her friend or relative.