Sun Peng and Di Ying are very good at investing and managing money.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Veteran entertainer Sun Peng was exposed on the 30th to illegally build a 3-story rental apartment on Fuxing North Road in Taipei City, causing other residents in the same building to be unable to use the top floor. He heard this and had no choice but to respond.

It is understood that the suite under Sun Peng's name belonged to the "existing illegal construction" before the 1983 Republic of China. It had also been reported by the public before. The Taipei City Construction Management Office stated that the demolition of the existing illegal construction is not a priority project at present. At this stage, it is the first to take Take pictures and arrange them, and then compare the time points that may involve illegal construction.

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As for Sun Peng, who was accused of illegal construction, he rented out a suite on Fuxing North Road, Beishi. He was accused of illegally adding three floors.

According to Zhongshi, Sun Peng had no choice but to respond during the interview. The suite has been purchased for nearly 10 years, and the interior layout has not changed at all. "It was like this when I bought it, and I don't know what to do."

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