Ben Affleck (from left) directed and acted in "AIR", and invited Vera Davis and Matt Damon to perform together.

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[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei-Los Angeles Connection Report] The new film "AIR" directed and acted by "Small Class" Ben Affleck has invited his long-time friend Matt Damon to perform together. Xiao Ban revealed that he personally met Michael Jordan for the film , I am also very happy to cooperate with my old friend Matt, "He is my best friend, I cherish working with him, I can't expect better things!" Matt also called Xiaoban "the best friends and creative partners".

Ben Affleck directed and starred in the movie "AIR", which describes the process of Air Jordan shoes rewriting the sports world and pop culture.

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Xiaoban confessed that what he wanted to film at the beginning was Jordan’s growth story, so he met with the other party, “If he said no, I wouldn’t do it, and that would be our last conversation.” As a result, when Xiaoban saw Jordan talking about his mother He decided to change the direction of the story because of his respect and admiration. "I immediately realized that it was this beautiful story about his mother Delos Jordan and what she meant to Michael."

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Willa Davis (pictured left) was favored by Michael Jordan to play his mother Delos in "AIR" and was praised for her acting skills.

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At that time, Xiaoban asked Jordan casually who he thought should play his mother, but Jordan specified: "It must be Willa Davis." Xiaoban said that he had always wanted to find Vera to act in the movie he directed, and thought that there must be a "worthy" The role of Vera".

Vera was flattered to be picked by Jordan, besides feeling needed, "but the next thought was 'now I have to play this role well.'"

Matt Damon plays the role of Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro in "AIR". He is very happy to cooperate with his friend Ben Affleck again.

(Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Speaking of cooperating with Xiaoban again, Matt said that the process was very natural, "We have written scripts together before, and we have performed together since 1986. We have known each other for so long and we are used to solving creative problems together." He also described that the film is not just A sports movie, but also an inspirational movie,

Xiaoban said that while many people may think that "AIR" is about Jordan himself, the movie is actually about the people who supported Jordan. Besides Michael Jordan, there are other people who can play him, and I hope the audience can imagine the meaning of Michael Jordan based on their own memory and experience." "AIR" will be screened on April 3-4, and will officially open on April 5. Shown on stage.

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