The INSTITUTION of the former wife of the President of South Africa, Graca Machel, intends to raise women economically in Tanzania after their projects were affected by the Corona virus infection period.

The consultant of the Project to raise women managed by the Graca Machel Institute, from the New Faces New Voices Tanzania Institute, Judith Sando said this in the city of Dar es Salaam after meeting and discussing the successes and challenges of small, medium and large women entrepreneurs here in the country.

Sando has said that during the period of Corona virus infection, business women in Tanzania and the world in general experienced challenges in their businesses and thus were affected, and those who were employed some of them were laid off.

"So this institution exists to help the woman to rise again economically, but in the country we are looking at what kind of policies have been put in place to help this woman to be able to move step by step after the infection," he said.

He said that through the institutions present in the project, women will cooperate with other experts in financial matters so that they can go from one place to another.

For her part, the Manager of the New Faces New Voices institution in the country, Emma Kawawa said that they are cooperating with other institutions under the Graca Machel Project in this country to raise women economically after being affected by corona infection and others.

And the Director of the Tanzania Women's Journalists Association (TAMWA), who is also the Coordinator of the Graca Machel Fund's Journalist Network, Dr. Rose Reuben has said that it is good for women writers to write information that is compatible with women, especially in the project in financial matters .

"It is a very good thing that journalists can work on because they will write true information and those that concern women in financial matters.

"After Covid 19, women were affected in one way or another, some of their capital was cut off, but some of them until now, their performance has changed, some have had to go online, which is the right way to save their capital," he said.

He added that many women are still doing activities in a way that does not bring them productivity because the commercial systems have changed, while others sell online they continue to do in the same area.