Jacky Cheung released the latest visual of the concert.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhan)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Macao Report] "God of Songs" Jacky Cheung launched a new tour. This afternoon, he held a press conference for all Asian media at the Parisian Hotel in Macau. He personally announced the good news. He announced the name of the new tour "Jacky Cheung 60+ Tour Concert" , eager to break the record again, the first stop will be held in Macau on June 9.

At the press conference earlier, Jacky Cheung saw the highlights of his concerts over the years. He felt a lot of emotions in his heart, and even wiped his tears. After watching the video, he said: "I want to cry after watching it. I don’t think so, but I’ve improved a lot, so I’ll work harder.”

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Jacky Cheung appeared at the press conference and announced the launch of a new tour.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhan)

Hearing that the host said that he would hold the tenth global tour, Jacky Cheung said modestly: "I have debuted for 40 years, which is actually not that many. I think they will open one every year in Mayday, and it will soon be surpassed."

The "Jacky Cheung 60+ Tour Concert" concert uses water as the main visual, and "60+" is also related to age. He said: "I am already 61 years old, and I will be 62 years old in a few months. I want to break the record It’s not impossible, it’s still possible, but it will take longer.” Whether it can break through the astonishing record of the last classic tour is highly anticipated by music fans around the world.

Jacky Cheung is very satisfied with the visuals of the concert. He said: "This is the 60+ in my mind, and it is my best look. Of course, I am still not as good as the photos. I still want to keep a good memory for myself. "

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