It is rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro series body buttons will have a new design.

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro series is rumored to change the button design of the fuselage. In addition to replacing traditional mechanical buttons with solid-state buttons, the mute button that has existed since the first generation of iPhone is no longer a toggle switch, but a button operation. The latest revelation It is pointed out that this mute button may not be as simple as "mute".

Apple has added an action button to the Apple Watch Ultra, which can be used to customize functions. A whistleblower said on the foreign macrumors forum that Apple is going to bring this design to the iPhone 15 Pro series to create new usages for the mute button. More precisely, it It's an action button like the Apple Watch Ultra.

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It is rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro series will add an action button similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

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What functions can this action button of the iPhone 15 Pro series customize?

The whistleblower also listed some instructions, such as switching to mute, turning on the camera, taking screenshots, turning on or off the Do Not Disturb mode, etc., because he made an accurate prediction on Apple's dynamic island last year, so the news has high credibility .

However, most of the functions of the above-mentioned action buttons can also be achieved through Back Tap "tap on the back". It has been launched since iOS 14, tap the back of the iPhone to enable specific operations, and enter the auxiliary function to set it.

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