[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] A baboon in East Africa was shot to death. Leofoo Village originally denied that it was not their baboon, but the truth was reversed. Leofoo Village admitted that the baboon came from its own park, and announced that the "African Tribe" theme village in the park will carry out animal activities from now on. Inventory, so the opening is suspended.

However, the chief of Chung'an Village in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan previously revealed that he was surprised to see baboons in the vegetable garden next to his house, and after a farmer informed that the crops in the vegetable garden had been stolen, he posted the information about the presence of baboons in Chung'an Village on the Line group and Facebook The announcement is well known, and while the baboons were on the run, he received a call from Leofoo Village asking him to withdraw his post on the grounds that "if the animals in the park are found to have escaped, they will be fined".

In this regard, the anchor Liu Xintong bluntly said that the crisis public relations handling of Leofoo Village is really terrible.

Liu Xintong.

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Seeing that the baboons turned into a tragedy and a drama, Leofoo Village was scolded. Liu Xintong said that Leofoo Village just encountered a public relations suggestion of "Pulong Gong". After every step is wrong, the result can be said to be crying without tears.

She said that if Leofoo Village was willing to admit that the baboons escaped from the park at the beginning, the maximum fine would be 50,000 yuan.

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She said that 50,000 yuan is very little for a company, but she refused to admit it at the beginning, and she had to tell a bunch of lies later, but she couldn't make it up in the end, and the intangible cost paid far exceeded the 50,000 yuan.

Wouldn’t it be better if Leofoo Village was willing to admit it at the beginning, and then search for and capture the baboon, treat it in a more humane way, and disclose the living conditions of this nationally famous baboon after it returns home?

She said that many people go to the Leofoo Village fan club to scold and even boycott Leofoo Village. She said that she will not join the boycott because she has not been to Leofoo Village for 20 years.

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