The beautiful wedding photos of Jing Boran (left) and Tan Songyun in "The Way Back" were exposed.

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[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Jing Boran and Tan Songyun starred in the urban love drama "Return". Flying to the hospital with a big belly, seeing her husband bursting into tears in the intensive care unit, shouting "Lu Chen (Jing Boran), you big liar...I'm coming..." while holding back contractions, hugging her belly and wailing , and although Jing Boran was in a coma, tears flowed from the corners of his eyes. After this episode was broadcast, many fans of the drama were forced to cry, saying "I really feel sorry for Gui Xiao (the role of Tan Songyun)", "It's true that Gui Xiao faces everything alone. It's too strong!"

Jing Boran (left) and Tan Songyun achieved a positive result in their relationship in "The Way Back".

(Provided by iQIYI International Station)

In addition to the fact that the abuse of the plot has become a topic of discussion on the Internet, Tan Songyun's crying scene has also soared on the hot search list. In the play, she rushed to the hospital, and she had to eat bread with tears in her eyes, just to replenish her strength. The tenacity of a mother.

The second tear-jerking scene was to visit Jing Boran in the intensive care unit. Even with a mask covering most of his face, the tears in his eyes and his lines moved many netizens.

Then she faced the labor alone, and finally hoped that Jing Boran would wake up. She stretched her head and leaned on the same pillow as the other person, and told the story of the childbirth alone. Seeing each other's tears on the pillow, the three crying scenes were praised by netizens, "Big Abuse, Tan Songyun's crying scene is even more delicate and has a strong sense of substitution", "As expected of a powerful actor, she really made me feel what is called real acting", "Gui Xiao cried so hard that my heart was broken".

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The beautiful wedding photos of Jing Boran (left) and Tan Songyun in "The Way Back" were exposed, which amazed people.

(Provided by iQIYI International Station)

In fact, when Tan Songyun and Jing Boran were interviewed, they said that this scene left a deep impression on her, "When I went to see him in his hospital bed, we both cried together and cried on the same pillow, which is a kind of emotional transmission. Jing Boran also nodded in agreement, "It is an emotional connection that is not expressed through lines, and it is very tacit." Tan Songyun also chose this as the romantic scene of "Chen Xiao Couple", "Two people in the same house In the hospital, Gui Xiao gave birth to a baby without any risk. At that time, Gui Xiao said to Lu Yanchen: "I feel like I'm still in school, why did I suddenly give birth to a daughter for you?" Wow, combined with the current state of mind of the two people, It was very heart-pricking, very touching, sweet and sweet, very romantic."

Tan Songyun (right) burst into tears when Jing Boran was hospitalized in "The Way Back".

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"The Way Back" will usher in its finale this week. Jing Boran and Tan Songyun will spend life and death hand in hand. In addition to announcing the names of their daughters, they will also hold a big wedding. In the latest preview, Jing Boran puts on a black suit and goes to The bride's room was stunned when she saw Tan Songyun, and was so beautiful by the woman's all-white bare-shouldered wedding dress that she couldn't speak.

In the next scene, Tan Songyun changed into another lace and white gauze dress and walked on the outdoor wedding red carpet. Jing Boran revealed in his oath that he fell in love with Tan Songyun at first sight in high school. Fans are looking forward to it.

Tan Songyun (left) wore a mask to visit Jing Boran in "The Way Back", and moved many netizens with her tearful eyes and lines.

(Provided by iQIYI International Station)

"The Way Back" is adapted from the well-known writer Mo Bao Feibao's novel of the same name, and he acted as the screenwriter for this TV series. It tells the story of the investment director Gui Xiao (played by Tan Songyun) who meets Lu Yanchen (played by Jing Boran), the EOD special police officer. The two were once each other's first love. However, as Lu Yanchen went to another country to enter the police academy, Gui Xiao's family changed, and the long-distance love could only end in a breakup. They reunited eight years later, and the sentence "I know you even when you turn into ashes" made them understand that they still love each other. Never forget.

"The Way Back" is currently on the air on iQiyi's international version.

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