On the 30th, Hong Kong media successively quoted news that Wang Jie (left) and actress Liang Luoshi were secretly married in Canada in China.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] The 60-year-old prodigal son Wang Jie made his debut with the classic song "One Game, One Dream". Recently, it was rumored on the Chinese Internet that he was born out of wedlock with Li Zekai, the second son of Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing. Hong Kong star Leung Lok-shih, who has three sons, registered her marriage in Canada in a low-key manner. It is said that many Hong Kong people still believe it.

Rosie Leung is 34 years old. If she really married Wang Jie, she would be a pair of uncles and nieces with a 26-year age difference. Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" reported that Rosie Leung's manager urgently clarified on the 30th: "Rosie Leung is still single, this is news out of nothing; False reports, we will reserve all legal rights to pursue."

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Although the woman's agent has come forward to refute it, the news of their marriage is still spreading wildly on the Internet. In addition to expressing it in words, there are also "suspected" related videos, and the titles of many articles are very definite, such as "Liang Luoshi and Wang There are more than 10 videos such as "Jie (Jie)'s love affair is exposed, good things are coming", "Wang Jieliang Luoshi's love is hot", which made many people think that this is a great happy event.

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