[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] Gao Liu will hold the "2023 True Love Show Sapphire Cabaret" concert on the weekend of Mother's Day on May 13 and 14. Huang Xitian was interviewed before the performance and shared that he went to the Sapphire Cabaret when he was 24 years old Show experience.

He recalled: "When I was 18 years old, I was very popular because I recorded the song "Wandering to Taipei". The male lead is my lucky song."

Bai Bingbing.

(Provided by Kaohsiung Pop Music Center)

He said that at that time, he had to be a very popular singer to be invited to the stage. He was the box office guarantee and he was the lead show. It was the first time he participated in the "Sapphire" concert. He was very excited and happy. He put on the most handsome show at that time Suits are put on.

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Huang Xitian.

(Provided by Kaohsiung Pop Music Center)

This time with Bai Bingbing on the same stage, he also recalled Bai Bingbing's performance back then, and couldn't help but praise: "Bingbing came back from Japan at the time, and performed as a resident singer in Sapphire, and watched her continue to learn until she got a red card. He worked very hard, including being able to enrich himself in all aspects of songs, costumes, and performance interactions. He is small, but he shines like a superstar when he comes out!"


(Provided by Kaohsiung Pop Music Center)

Xiqing will also participate in the concert. She has been walking since she was 16 years old. At that time, the puppetry master Huang Junxiong wanted to find a very unique voice to interpret the puppetry songs. She took this task and became the later "Puppetry Queen". .

She quickly became popular with the song "Poor Restaurant Girl". "Poor Restaurant Girl" was also made into a movie at the same time. Xiqing also acted as the heroine. Colored Belt" and other songs have established their position in the pop music scene.

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