The doctor said that in order to let the stool pass out smoothly, in addition to the intake of vegetables, there must also be an appropriate amount of fat.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] If you want to relieve constipation, you generally think of eating more vegetables. Chen Weiyou, director of Tianxin Colorectal Surgery Clinic, pointed out that vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which really helps to form stool and gastrointestinal motility, but if you want to let For the smooth discharge of feces, there must be an appropriate amount of fat.

Chen Weiyou posted on the Facebook page "Dr. Chen Weiyou of Colorectal Surgery" that during the formation of feces, the muscles of the large intestine will work hard to squeeze the feces all the way to the rectum in a peristaltic manner, so that the feces can be squeezed out smoothly all the way The key is the grease.

When replenishing fat, part of the fat will be absorbed by the small intestine, while the rest of the fat that has not been absorbed will form a natural intestinal wall lubricant in the intestine, which can increase the absorption of water and soften the stool.

The right amount of fat is also like coating a waterproof film on the intestinal tract and feces, helping the large intestine to push the feces smoothly.

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Olive Oil Best for Constipation

Chen Weiyou shared the research of "Journal of Renal Nutrition" (Journal of Renal Nutrition) and pointed out that olive oil has a constipation-relieving effect like mineral oil laxative, which can lubricate the intestinal tract and promote peristalsis. In addition, olive oil is also one of the materials commonly used in the Mediterranean diet 1. From heart health to weight control, there are many benefits. It is recommended to supplement olive oil through the following 2 methods to properly moisturize the intestines and relieve constipation.

●Eat olive oil as a sauce

Chen Weiyou said that if you have the habit of starting a party on weekdays, you can add olive oil to stir-fry vegetables or cook various dishes.

If you don’t have the habit of cooking, you can also use olive oil as a sauce. Olive oil has a unique aroma. Whether it is eaten with bread or mixed with lettuce salad, you can taste the original aroma and deliciousness of olive oil. , and bring laxative effect to the body.

●Drink 1-2 spoons of olive oil directly

Chen Weiyou said that some books mentioned that drinking olive oil directly will digest and absorb faster than eating olive oil dishes, so if the constipation is serious, you may drink 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil a day to soften the stool The effect and smoothness of defecation will be more significant.

Chen Weiyou reminded that although oil plays an important role in lubricating the intestines, excessive intake should not be taken. While preventing constipation, one must also consider the health of the intestines so as not to increase the burden of digestion.

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