China TV sports anchors "Three Sisters" Lin Yiwen, Lin Chunpei and Zheng Yafang are responsible for the reports and analysis of the American Major League Baseball.

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[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] The 2023 World Baseball Classic Group A preliminaries were held at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, triggering an upsurge of "crazy baseball" in Taiwan!

The upcoming 2023 season of the MLB Major League Baseball will officially debut at 10 am on the 31st of this week, Taiwan time. China TV's main channel CH12 has obtained the exclusive broadcasting rights of TVB for the third year.

VisionChina sports anchors "Three Sisters" Lin Yiwen, Lin Chunpei and Zheng Yafang are responsible for the reports and analysis of the American Major League Baseball. The live event broadcast is broadcast by senior sports anchors Qian Dingyuan and Chen Yali, bringing Taiwan fans the world's top professional baseball hall brilliant matchup.

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This year, American Professional Baseball has added a lot of Asian players. They all performed very well in this World Classic. The most watched player is our Secretary of Defense "Zhang Yucheng", although he played for a total of 4 teams last year , but he showed fans the high-level skills of Taiwan's only "active" major league in the classic game. Lin Chunpei hopes that Zhang Yucheng can once again show his attacking strength in the classic game on this dreamy stage, and he will be more popular in the major league. Zheng Yafang mentioned that the Red Sox specially shared Zhang Yucheng's performance in the classic game, which can already be seen the team's affirmation and expectation for him.

As for the new season that will start next week, Chen Yali pointed out: "Will Zhang Yucheng be able to enter the Red Sox's opening roster this year and start the game in the major leagues stably?" This is definitely the focus of most Taiwanese fans now. Among them, "Whether the American League East Red Sox have a chance to defeat their old rival Yankees this time and win the division championship" is bound to be one of the highlights of this season.

In addition, the Red Sox signed Yoshida Masaka, who set a new RBI record in the classic game this season. Rumors that it was asserted that it was a premium contract were flying everywhere. With great curiosity.

Starting from March 31 (Friday), China TV’s main channel, CH12, will broadcast exclusively on TV, presenting the exciting games brought by the world’s top professional baseball players with the highest quality broadcasting technology, fixed on every Saturday and Sunday morning on China TV broadcasts on the main video, please lock the official website of China TV and the official fan page of "American Major League Baseball Watch China TV" for the complete game broadcast schedule. Fans will continue to update and bring more latest news about MLB. Fans are requested to pay close attention CTS, let you never miss the exciting events!

Watch China TV in the American professional baseball, and focus on the hot-blooded matches every week!

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