Lin Jingyi has collected NET posters for 30 years. The model is actually Takeshi Kaneshiro, super handsome. This Polo shirt was also a classic.

(Flipping Facebook)

[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] A father posted a PO article on the Internet, saying that he would take his child to buy clothes. Unexpectedly, when the child heard NET, he showed a "disgusted expression". The father felt dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. He asked netizens what to do. look?

The topic triggered heated discussions on the Internet, and many celebrities jumped out to support Taiwanese brands.

Among them, Lin Jingyi, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, posted her 30-year-old NET poster on Facebook. The model was actually the male god Takeshi Kaneshiro, which made netizens exclaim, "You are ruthless."

Celebrities have stood up to express their support, pointing out that NET is willing to do charity work. For 14 consecutive years, it has used the donation method of "Love Pickup Coupons" to close the store so that children in the Family Support Center can buy their favorite clothes. It is an excellent enterprise in Taiwan.

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Lin Jingyi.

(Information photo, flipped to Facebook)

Legislator Lin Jingyi posted a photo of a poster on Facebook. She said, "NET? Who is better than me! It has been preserved for 30 years...supporting a good industry that warms the heart and takes care of the disadvantaged." The model on the poster turned out to be 30 Takeshi Kaneshiro years ago, when he was only 19 years old, he was wearing a NET Polo shirt, smiling at the camera with a super tender expression, so handsome that he was invincible. Lin Jingyi has kept it for 30 years, which means that Takeshi Kaneshiro is also her true love.

Netizens flooded into the pilgrimage, "This poster is too precious", "It's true love to preserve it so well", "It's incredible", "You're cruel", "It's too strong!!", "The heart of the committee member Lin emerges", "Don't Wrong key point ~ good industry!", "Takeshi Kaneshiro is really handsome", "Standard lover", "True love is unmistakable", "Classic", "He in the 90s", "You won".

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