Writer H shared his anti-cancer journey in variety shows, and was encouraged and cared by many fans.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Well-known bisexual writer "H" Chen Hongyi was shocked to have stage III prostate cancer in August last year. The doctor even told him that "it is an extremely malignant type" and that if he does not get treatment quickly, he only has 2 or 3 years left to live. On the 30th, he suddenly revealed that he felt unwell due to a cold, and all scheduled meetings had to be canceled, and his health was worrying.

Because of a sudden severe cold, the writer H knew that he now had to take a lot of medicines every day, "Targeted drugs for anti-cancer, 2 to 6 pills for anti-depression, more than 5 pills for body nutrition, and more than 5 pills for cold medicine, total Nearly 20", he said frankly that he is currently "unable to move".

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Writer H found that the PSA index of prostate cancer was too high after a blood test because of a health check. He said: "The normal index is 4, and my index was 17 when I took the measurement that day." After further biopsy, it was found to be malignant , despite this, he still looks at life positively and strives to live every day well.

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