[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Wang Zhongping will be singing at the "Golden Years Concert" in Beiliu next month. He said with a smile: "I accept the devil's training every day, and my wife breaks the law with the passion of love. Think about it, let me already enter the state of preparation for the battle!" Miserably, my wife Yu Haoran forced me to lose weight.

Wang Zhongping (right) met with Honduras to try on clothes, and the two are trying to lose weight for the concert.

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Wang Zhongping complained that his wife's personality is like a tiger mother, "I often want to see how good brother Hong Ronghong is in shape, and brother Cai Xiaohu is still in shape. These words come to my ears." I can only comfort myself, " I always told myself that this is my wife’s aggressive method, and it’s definitely not because I’ve been married for 30 years that she dislikes me.”

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Wang Zhongping and his wife Yu Haoran.

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Wang Zhongping, who was born as a singer, is looking forward to returning to the stage. In order to maintain his physical fitness, he will climb mountains and run every day. His vital capacity has increased significantly, and he also drinks secret recipes to protect his voice. He has canceled many performances these days and has to concentrate on preparing for concerts.

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