[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Caodong, who once won the Golden Melody Award for Best Newcomer, Best Orchestra, and won the Song of the Year Award with "The Big Wind Blows", has no party, and had the opportunity to sing at the Little Arena, and the tickets are fast Second kill, but due to the postponement of the epidemic, what is even more sad is that the drummer Fanfan passed away in the epidemic prevention hotel at the end of October last year. In the end, the members decided to cancel the performance plan of the Little Arena. Although the fans were disappointed and sad, they could understand the decision made by Caodong , I only hope that the band will recover as soon as possible.

Fans have been looking forward to it for a long time, Caodong No Party is finally releasing a new album.

(Information photo, provided by TV)

After waiting for a long time, the fans’ expectations have not been fulfilled. Through Caodong’s registration content in the ISRC International Standard Recording and Video Recording Data Code Inquiry System, it is found that they are expected to release a new album "Wahe" on May 20 this year, and even the track has been exposed. , will include 11 works such as "The Actuary of Suffering", "Daydream", "Old Zhang", fans never expected that the long-awaited Caodong new song was "thundered" on ISRC.

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However, Caodong No Party's new album release company is displayed as "Heipiguo Co., Ltd.", which is a company registered under the real name Lin Gengyou of lead singer Wu Du. Hope to see them board the Little Arena and sing soon.

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