[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Taoyuan escaped the baboon 18 days later and was finally arrested, but was shot dead by a shotgun. Officials from the Agriculture Bureau took turns taking pictures of the baboon and did not send it to the hospital immediately, which caused public outrage. Afterwards, the baboon's body was sent to At the Taipei Municipal Zoo, officials from the Peach City Bureau of Agriculture lined up to deliver bouquets of flowers and bowed in condolence, and were criticized for being hypocritical.

Internet celebrity "Snow Milk God of War" Guo Guigui turned into "A Guishi" and posted a photo of the mourning hall of the baboon.

The photos of the baboons' mourning hall were fermented on the Internet.

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Guo Guigui first issued an article yesterday, saying that "foreigners who see this photo will think that the baboon has a lifelong contribution to society and salute to commemorate the state funeral of the martyrs."

Afterwards, she turned into a "Ghost Master" and posted a photo of the mourning hall of the baboon. This photo of the mourning hall became popular on the Internet yesterday. The mourning photo in the mourning hall: "All living beings are equal, and all living beings have Buddha-nature!"

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Guo Guigui turns into a ghost master.

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Netizens also left messages expressing condolences for "reborn in the Western Paradise", "touching baboon", "Amitabha soon became a Buddha", "established the 327 shooting committee", "the old baboon is going away auspiciously", "who is the murderer!?", "Taiwan stone tigers will not be treated like this."

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