(Provided by Michael Kors)

Not only is Hsu Chi's face and body age-free, but even her mentality is super youthful. Yesterday (28) she shared a private photo at home in her personal community. She generously shared a photo of herself applying a mask, and her friendly attitude was praised by fans.

Shu Qi has been exposed frequently recently, especially after being invited to be the brand ambassador of Michael Kors, after a wave of beautiful photos and photos of attending brand events were exposed, people were shocked by her excellent freezing age, not to mention that it is impossible to tell that she is 46 years old .

Especially when wearing clothes that can show your figure, such as skirts with slits on the front to reveal beautiful legs, or inadvertently showing off your waist, you can't help but hold your breath.

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(Provided by Michael Kors)

Shu Qi was invited to be the spokesperson of Michael Kors, and she perfectly managed the sexy style in the multiple image photos she released and attended the event.

(Provided by Michael Kors)

It’s just that the goddess is just like ordinary people in private. Shu Qi shared a super-homely private photo on her personal instagram yesterday. It can be seen that she is lying on the sofa, covered with quilts and pillows, completely in the posture of a sofa potato, with her face covered The black mask, with the words "too cold to get up and take off the mask", the super honest post made netizens cute, and couldn't help but leave a message in response to the idol: "Goddess, is this too real?", "It's not artificial enough." , "The black mask seems a bit fashionable."

The goddess revealed that she took private photos at home, lying on the sofa with a mask on, and her super casual posture was praised by netizens.

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