Zhou Yurou was brutally beaten by the man in black in "The Rich in the Market".

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Zhou Yurou played the criminal policeman Xiaodong in "The Rich in the Market". In the play, he was very good at fisting and kicking. The interaction with Fu Zichun (played as Yifan) attracted a large number of netizens. Fandong CP", she and Fu Zichun filmed a scene of chasing and being beaten with a stick a few days ago. She said that she had gastroenteritis, and Fu Zichun was in pain. The two couldn't run at all, and the scene was tragic.

Zhou Yurou (rear) was threatened by a man in black in an alley and rushed to chase her.

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In the play, Zhou Yurou and Fu Zichun went to Yan Changming (played as Agou) to help He Junjie retract his confession, but they were threatened by the man in black and hid. They searched for clues and found that he was being chased by the man in black, so they hurriedly chased him People, unexpectedly, were attacked with sticks.

Zhou Yurou said that the most impressive thing about playing is that she and Fu Zichun were both sick. Fu Zichun's old knee injury recurred and was strained, and then he suffered from gastroenteritis, so one couldn't move very much, the other had no energy, and both of them were about to collapse. The risk was finally successfully completed.

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Fu Zichun caught the man in black in "The Rich in the Market".

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Zhou Yurou (left) and Fu Zichun.

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As for whether Fandong CP will be successfully paired in the play, Zhou Yurou is not optimistic, because Fu Zichun likes Su Yanpei, and he doesn't know that Zhou Yurou likes her.

Zhou Yurou said that "Xiao Dong" would silently accompany and support "Yi Fan", but she didn't have the courage to confess directly, but whether it was possible in the end, she laughed and said, "I have to ask the screenwriter".

But she said that she is a slow-heating Capricorn woman in love, she will observe each other silently, but if she finds that the other party already has someone she likes, she will give up decisively, and she is very afraid that the other party will not like her, so she never Confessed voluntarily.

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