[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Shi Zhongyu, a 70-year-old veteran actress, was once very popular and could earn a house in a month. Unexpectedly, her career fell into a low ebb a few years ago, and she was so depressed that she had no money to eat for a few days. Fortunately, she later Participating in public welfare and regaining focus, recently attended the "Love Inheritance and Care Concert" held by the Taiwan Quality Life Association, and the super crazy recent situation was exposed!

Veteran actress Shi Zhongyu.

(Provided by Taiwan Quality Life Association)

Shi Zhongyu originally had a lot of money, but she gave it all to her mother. Unexpectedly, her mother distributed the money to other brothers and sisters for investment, and also bought a house but it was not in her name. It was fine to burn all her money. Later, her mother passed away and sold the house Her money did not fall into her pocket, and she did not enjoy wealth from the beginning to the end, which is quite a sad fate.

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Shi Zhongyu is currently renting an apartment in Yonghe. She said, "My house is 5 minutes away from Lehua Night Market, and I can walk to Dingxi MRT Station. I rent 30 pings for only 17,000 a month. The landlord lives in Keelung, and the monthly income Before the lease day, I directly remitted it. Originally, the rent was 15,000 yuan, but after 15 years, the rent increased by 2,000 yuan. If some things break down, I will deal with them myself, and there is an elevator.”

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