Takeru Sato came to Taiwan to shoot commercials and was the first to expose the clips.

(Photographed by reporter Zhu Peixiong, translated from Sato Takeru LINE)

[Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report] The 34-year-old Japanese actor Takeru Sato came to Taiwan to shoot a tea advertisement. Today (29) he first exposed the advertisement screen on the official LINE, saying that he is currently filming an advertisement in Taiwan, and would like to share with you the recent situation.

Takeru Sato arrived at Taoyuan Airport a few days ago and attracted nearly a thousand fans to pick him up.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhu Peixiong)

Takeru Sato also dined at the Hall of Supreme Harmony in 2014 and left his signature.

(Provided by the Hall of Supreme Harmony)

Japanese drama actor Takeru Sato, who performed in the Netflix series "First Love", arrived at Taoyuan International Airport on the 27th, attracting nearly a thousand fans to pick him up at the airport, which shows his high popularity.

It is understood that Takeru Sato’s trip was to shoot tea advertisements. Except for the appearance at the airport, the rest of the itinerary was not made public. However, it was still found that on the day of his arrival in Taiwan, he flew to Taihedian, a famous spicy pot restaurant in Taipei, for dinner. The well-known Taiwanese designer Nie Yongzhen of the art photo book "Beyond" took a group photo, and his every move attracted much attention.

It is understood that this is not the first time Takeru Sato has dined at the Hall of Supreme Harmony. In 2014, he even left his signature in the store. However, the employees privately revealed that Takeru Sato has been here many times. This time, the store did not talk to him in particular. To sign.

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Takeru Sato shared the current situation through the official LINE.

(Reposted from Takeru Sato LINE)

Sato Ken tea commercials appear to have cherry blossoms as the background.

(Reposted from Takeru Sato LINE)

Earlier, Takeru Sato asked fans on the official LINE: "What are you doing?" He also revealed that he was filming an advertisement in Taiwan, and even exposed a 16-second video first. From the video, you can see a cherry blossom forest at Sato Fitness, and then the screen darkens, Takeru Sato He also walked towards the camera slowly, looking quite artistic.

In this regard, netizens also shouted, "It's so handsome! Although it's only 16 seconds, I can watch it repeatedly for an hour", "It's beautiful", "It's so handsome", "I was stunned just now", "I actually exposed the content of the advertisement myself."

The ad is expected to air in May of this year.

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