Xiaomi has risen to become the third largest brand in Japan's wear industry.


Due to the depreciation of the yen, inflation and other factors, the shipment of wearable devices in Japan has dropped by 30% in the past year, and the top 5 popular brands have also been reshuffled.

According to the latest 2022 sales report of wearable devices in Japan (including smart watches, sports bracelets, true wireless earphones, etc.) by IDC Japan, a market research company, although Apple is firmly in the leading position with a market share of 65.3%, its shipments have actually dropped by more than 3% Compared with the 69.8% market share in 2021, it shows a decline.

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Apple's shrinking is mainly due to the decline in demand for ear-worn products driven by the epidemic, coupled with the rise of low-priced smart watches, Apple's new generation of Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are positioned at high prices in the market, affecting demand.

Google firmly established itself as the second brother of wearables in Japan, and with the help of fitbit, it won 6.4%.

(Photo/IDC Japan)

However, not all brands saw a decline in sales. Among them, Xiaomi’s shipments increased significantly, surpassing Sony and Garmin with a market share of 5.9% and rising to No. 3.

Garmin's shipments are also growing, ranking fourth with a market share of 5.4%. The two brands will only account for about 30% of the market in 2021.

Among the top 5 brands, the brand with the most decline in shipments was Sony, which dropped by 35.3%, and only won 4.5% of the market share, retiring to fifth place.

(Photo/IDC Japan)

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