The "Right to Defense" project, created by lawyers, stated this, referring to the received document.

According to the lawyers, the demand comes from the Minister of Justice,

Syarhei Khamenka

, and concerns the facts of the appeal of foreign citizens who are "territorially located in Belarus."

The Ministry of Justice is required to transfer the name and surname, information about the place of registration, as well as the contact phone number of a foreign person, which "constitutes information about the client's private life", the lawyers note.

"Accordingly, the minister's order violates not only the internationally accepted principle of legal secrecy, but also the client's right to private life," the report says.

As a result, the authors of the project emphasize, the trust between the client and the lawyer is undermined, as well as "the very prestige of the legal profession."

Alexander Lukashenko

previously stated that the bar should be under control" and "act according to the law, and not [on the basis of] some invented norms - freedom of speech and other freedoms".

Neither the Minister nor the Bar Association has specified any reasons for such a request or the purpose and manner of use of the information received.