Putin announced the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus.

According to him, a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons should be completed in Belarus by the first of July.

It is not known where the storage will be.

Putin also said that Belarus has 10 aircraft and Iskander missile systems to carry such weapons.

They looked at where a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons could be located, if it were to be built.

Tactical nuclear weapons can be carried both by aircraft equipped with the appropriate missiles and by Russian ground-based Iskander missile systems, so the main points where they can be stored are military airfields and the deployment of missile forces that can use Iskanders.

Airfields and bases

Where in Belarus can nuclear weapons be placed.


Lida (53.88345366710936, 25.36996350412646)

We will list the places of dislocation from the most probable option to the least probable.

According to the "Belarusian Gayun" community, which monitors military activity in Belarus, the Su-25 fighter jets based at the airfield in Lida were upgraded to be able to carry nuclear weapons.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, this airfield has been used regularly.

This is one of the oldest military airfields in Belarus.

Machulishchi (53.786044514044626, 27.579398136228612)

One of the largest Belarusian military airports is located in a small village near Minsk.

Russian MIG-31K fighters are based here, which are capable of carrying Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

The A-50U long-range radar detection aircraft was also based here.

According to ByPol, Belarusian partisans attacked this plane with drones.

It was damaged, and now the plane is being repaired in Russia.

The airfield is capable of receiving both military and civilian aircraft.

Baranavichy (53.0977586109593, 26.043444585429263)

Another military airfield of Belarus, which Russian troops actively use in the war against Ukraine.

According to the plan of the authorities of Russia and Belarus, this airfield is to train specialists for the maintenance of Su-30SM fighters.

Belarusian specialists mentioned their modernization for the possibility of carrying nuclear weapons.

10 kilometers from the Baranovichi military airfield is a former nuclear storage facility.

In the 90s, it was finally closed, now it is an abandoned area.

Whether it is possible to repair such a storage in a short time is unknown.

Balbasova (54.441897621272524, 30.297385392105628)

This is an active military airfield, located in the Orsha district of the Vitebsk region.

Bobrovichi (52.28005178422535, 29.359134899600814)

The air base is 100 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

Before the start of Russia's war against Ukraine, it was almost never used and was considered inactive, now it is used by Russian troops.

Near the "Babrovichi" airfield is a zone where nuclear munitions were placed during the Soviet era.

It is assumed that the power of aerial bombs stored there was 150-300 kilotons.

The last pictures from this base are dated 2016, when oyster mushrooms were grown in the former hangars.

Bobruisk (53.110686106676276, 29.227441918057878)

This military airfield also has a reserve status.

Back in 2020, the airfield was idle.

Russia was going to create a base of military space forces on the basis of this airfield and deploy up to 12 combat aircraft on it.

Then these plans never came to life.

Tsel village (53.39719976193135, 28.473382694332127)

This settlement is in Asipovitsky district of Mogilev region.

It is here that the 465th missile brigade is based, it is in the military unit 61732. It is to them, most likely, that the Russian "Iskander" systems, which can carry a tactical nuclear charge, were handed over to them.

Such information appeared from the team of the "Belarusian Gayun" project.

Old Soviet-era nuclear storage facilities

In 2021, when Lukashenka spoke about the return of nuclear weapons to Belarus, he boasted that he had "saved the nuclear sheds", referring to the old Soviet storage facilities for nuclear weapons.

Most of them are now destroyed or abandoned, but some are not finished.

Where were nuclear weapons stored in Belarus during the Soviet era.


Here are some of them:

Base near Kalinkavichy (52.28033689929327, 29.35911062551858)

This former base is just near the Bobrovichi Air Base.

Air bombs with a capacity of 150-300 kilotons were allegedly stored here, which is much more than the power of tactical nuclear weapons.

Judging by the old pictures of 2016, the base's structures and hangars have been preserved, and at the time of the photos, oyster mushrooms were grown there.

Base near Baranavichy (53.0977586109593, 26.043444585429263)

Near the military airfield in Baranovichi are the remains of a secret Soviet repair and technical base.

Previously, nuclear bombs and parts of nuclear missiles were stored here.

Among them are nuclear warheads of missiles for aircraft.

Now, judging by the photos from 2017, the facility looks half-destroyed.

Base near Smorgony (54.53043755800286, 26.291547988399717)

The 428th missile regiment was stationed not far from Smorgony.

The 3rd Division was armed with mine-launched rocket launchers.

P14 missiles were located in these mines, they had a firing range of up to 4,500 kilometers and carried a projectile of up to 1 megaton.

Base near Ruzhany (52.825462936991734, 24.764248042516183)

During the Soviet era, the location of the 2nd division of the 403rd missile regiment was located not far from the city settlement of Ruzhany.

There were nuclear weapons and missiles capable of carrying them.

Judging by the photographs of 2016, some structures of the base did not survive, parts of the bunkers were preserved.

Base near Pruzhany (52.51117628047509, 24.14338889833139)

Not far from Pruzhany, near the village of Brody, part of the rocket division was based during the Soviet era.

What is now with the base and whether there is anything left of it is unknown.

Base near Zhitkovichi (52.21775146893907, 27.85922557550972)

Military hangars were located on the territory of the missile unit in the military town "Zhytkovichi-1".

This unit was armed with missiles capable of carrying nuclear charges.

Among them are "Pioneers" and "Topol".

Base near Polotsk (55.41263240776814, 28.44516844218609)

Near Polotsk, near the urban settlement of Vetrina, the equipment of the "Pioneer" and "Horn" complexes, as well as R-12 ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear charge, were stored.

Judging by the photos of 2017, some buildings of the base have been completely destroyed, some have survived.

Plans for deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The main thing

On March 25, Russian President

Vladimir Putin

announced on the air of the Rossiya-24 TV channel that the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons will be completed in Belarus on July 1.

According to him, Alexander Lukashenko has long been asking him to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

In addition, Moscow has already transferred to Minsk the Iskander missile complex, which can use this weapon, and that ten Belarusian planes have allegedly already been converted to carry such weapons.

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine ,

Oleksiy Danilov

, said that the deployment of nuclear weapons is a step towards "the internal destabilization of the country and maximally increases the level of negative perception and general rejection of Russia and Putin in Belarusian society."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demanded an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with Putin's statement about the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus.

What are tactical nuclear weapons and can they be deployed in Belarus?

Questions and answers

After Putin's statement, the Pentagon noted that they had not yet seen any signs of nuclear weapons being moved to the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Some military experts also noted that nothing is actually ready for deployment of such weapons in Belarus.

Other researchers say that nuclear weapons will still appear, and this will entail the establishment of permanent Russian military bases on Belarusian territory.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus announced on March 28 that the decision to deploy nuclear weapons on the country's territory was approved in response to "unprecedented political, economic and informational pressure from the United States, Great Britain and their NATO allies, as well as the European Union states."

Propagandists in the state media positively assessed Russia's intentions to transfer tactical nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus and began to threaten Western states with strikes.

As of March 28, Lukashenko himself has not commented on Putin's words about the intention to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The European Union and Poland have announced that they are going to impose tougher sanctions against Minsk in case of deployment of tactical nuclear weapons.

China called to prevent further confrontation between nuclear powers.

By the way, in the joint statement adopted as a result of the recent meeting between the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, there is a point:

"All nuclear states must not deploy nuclear weapons outside their national territories and must withdraw all nuclear weapons deployed abroad."

In an interview with Svaboda, the representative of the United Transitional Cabinet for Defense and National Security, Valer Sahashchyk, admitted that the intentions of the Russians could activate the partisan movement in Belarus.