Mayday and the cats boarded the Tomorrow Airship stage and sang around the audience, bringing surprises to fans.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Kaohsiung Report] It has been 26 years since May Tian became an army, and it has been 24 years since his official film debut. He returned to the main venue of the Kaohsiung World Games last night (29) to hold the "Noah's Ark 10th Anniversary Evolution Reissue Limited Edition Concert". Tomorrow Airship, which cost tens of millions of dollars for four performances in Kaohsiung, also debuted for the first time. When the "Noah's Ark 10th Anniversary Special Edition" 2023 online New Year's Eve concert appeared for the first time, on Tomorrow Airship and Mayday When they circled the audience together, the 50,000 people on the scene were all crazy about it. No matter what price they bought, the audience could all see Mayday singing around the audience. It was worth it.

Last night, Mayday performed on the Tomorrow Airship stage and sang around the venue, bringing songs such as "Your Divine Comedy", "Interview with the Vampire", and "The Most Important Little Thing".

When "Stubborn" was sung, Ashin led the fans to count down together. The fans shouted "Happy Birthday" and then set off brilliant fireworks to celebrate Mayday's birthday happily.

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Mayday hopes that every time it sings, the fans can feel the best company.

(Trust the music provided)

When he sang "Silly Man" at the end, Ashin said emotionally: "In a blink of an eye, it is no longer Mayday when I released my first album at the age of 24. I don't know how long I can sing." By Mayday, we will accompany you." Once again touched the fans.

Mayday will be closed for one day today, and will continue to sing at the Kaohsiung World Games Main Stadium for three consecutive days starting tomorrow.

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