[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Former President Ma Ying-jeou led a delegation to visit China and embarked on a 12-day ancestor worship and exchange tour. He said that he had waited 36 years for the opportunity, but the Chinese side’s reception standards were low, and he also called revitalizing China. The unavoidable responsibility of the Chinese people”, sparking controversy.

Huang Yuesui also couldn't bear to see this, and issued a post criticizing the two former presidents of Taiwan for 8 years, who was obsessed with Xi Jinping to the point of bending over to take off his pants, which is not only jaw-dropping, but also extremely shameful.

Huang Yuesui.

(file photo)

Huang Yuesui issued an article pointing out that with China's national strength, Taiwan is indeed untouchable at present, but the Kuomintang confirms that Taiwan is an independent free and democratic country, and the greatest common denominator, the country is called the "Republic of China", which means that it is not affiliated with the "People's Republic of China".

Once the CCP claims that Taiwan is a part of it and conducts physical attacks and threats, all people should stand up bravely and defend their right to exist and the dignity of the country.

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Ma Ying-jeou visited China.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhu Peixiong)

She criticized Ma Ying-jeou and his family for fleeing to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek after 1949. It is reasonable to say that he has an absolute hatred with the Communist Party, not to mention that he was the secretary of Chiang Ching-kuo who did not compromise with the CCP.

Then she said bitterly, "It's a pity! A man who betrays is worse than a man who changes his heart. For personal gain, it's fine to worship Emperor Xi long ago, and he has become a leader on the endless tribute road", bombarded Ma Ying-jeou is essentially a hypocrite and a traitor.

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