[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Lin Junyi released a new song "Companion" in Taiwanese. He proposed to the company the idea of ​​writing calligraphy on the human body. He inscribed on the body of the strong light boat national player Wu Shiliang and challenged human body calligraphy!

When Lin Junyi was a child, his mother thought his handwriting was too ugly, so he was asked to practice calligraphy. He has been writing for more than 20 years, which has allowed him to practice good handwriting. For living expenses, when performing arts activities were suspended during the epidemic, I often wrote live on FB to bid for fans.

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Lin Junyi wrote an inscription on the body of the light boat national player Wu Shiliang, challenging human body calligraphy.

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Regarding the writing of calligraphy characters on the human body this time, he said: "Many people in the art world are doing body painting, but there are few human body calligraphy, so I want to try it as a milestone for myself." Different from flat paper, writing On the human body with curves and capillary pores, it is more difficult to write, and you need to stand to write, and you need to use specially prepared ink so that it will not drip.

In order to be a model, Wu Shiliang dared not eat too much for 3 months.

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Lin Junyi's special EQ friend Wu Shiliang served as the model, he said: "Although he is not a professional model, but as an athlete, he has not too exaggerated muscle lines, and just the right body shape, which is the best material to show strength and beauty. For this filming, Wu Shiliang didn't dare to eat or drink for three months. He continued to train and keep in good shape. He was very dedicated.

This time he wrote the title of the song on Wu Shiliang. The word "Companion" is presented in the full version on the back, while "A Good Year" extends from the back to the buttocks and legs, which is very dynamic; Taken from the consonant of the scale Sol.

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