KIMIKO (right) married professor husband Wang Jiaxuan in 2020, and they have a sweet relationship after marriage.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] The famous dance teacher "KIMIKO" Lin Ruijun has the title of "Sexy Goddess in the Dance Industry". Marriage, in fact, the outside world is also very curious, besides being tall and handsome, what charm does Wang Jiaxuan have that makes KK nod to marry.

It turned out that Wang Jiaxuan exposed his heart-warming personality on Facebook inadvertently, and it was late at night on the 28th.

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Last night, Wang Jiaxuan revealed that he met a former student. After graduation, this student was engaged in the business of selling coffins at home. He thinks this is a blessing career, so encouraging young students is a good learning and test in life, but he also thinks that this is not for everyone. Everything can be done well.

Wang Jiaxuan remembered telling the students at that time that if there was an opportunity to donate a coffin, they should tell him. He happened to meet this student again yesterday, and he told him again: "Contact me if there is a need." He firmly believes that it is very simple to think , just hoping to help others.

Wang Jiaxuan also remembered that when he was 19 years old, he went to Tzu Chi to donate bone marrow for screening. Six years later, Tzu Chi informed him that the match was successful. Are blood cancer patients still in this world?

"When I was very young, I felt that it was a happy thing to be able to help others, including the fact that I have been teaching models for more than 20 years." Wang Jiaxuan said that the process is strict, but the purpose is to help Taiwan The modeling industry contributes its profession.

During this reunion with a student, Wang Jiaxuan believes that you will never know when you will need help from others, "But I always find a way to help others first, and hope that when I need help, this person will also appear; Happiness in life is not so simple, isn’t it? The happiness lies in this moment when you give alms to the ordinary.”

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