Gigi Leung's MV was accused of plagiarism, and the Hong Kong media reported the similarities at length, which aroused discussion.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] The MV of the song "Stop, Stop, Breathe" directed by Hong Kong star Gigi Leung and her husband Yuan Jianwei after Golden Horse actress Lin Jiaxin was accused of plagiarism, and Gigi Leung's manager also responded quickly.

Gigi Leung’s agent stated that she was invited to sing the theme song of “Stop, Stop, Breathe” and shoot the MV, promoting the positive message of decompression and emotional relief by feeling one’s own breathing. “She did not participate in the creative part of the MV. The follow-up processing of the MV will be handed over to the "Stop, Stop, Breathe" team, and if necessary, we will try our best to cooperate."

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Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily reported that the IG accounts "Chloe Wong" and "Chloeography Project" issued separate statements on the 27th, accusing Leung Gigi's lead singer of the song "Pause & Breathe" MV for alleged plagiarism: "Pause & Breathe Limited (following "Heart Breathing" for short) released on March 22, 2023 in the music video "Stop A Heart Breathing" (lead singer: Gigi Leung, video director: Yuan Jianwei) and its related publicity images, etc., Regardless of the shooting location, the use of props and the overall image composed of actors, etc., it is the same as the multiple performance promotional images of our team's 2018 mobile dance theater work "Maybe Tomorrow"* (hereinafter referred to as "The Faraway City") The photos and photos are highly similar, and the similarity of some pictures is as high as 90%. Such a situation seriously infringes on the intellectual property rights of artistic creation, and seriously damages the creator's principle of guarding and respecting artistic originality!


It is understood that the MV for the song "Stop, Stop, Breathe" sung by Gigi Leung was released on the YouTube channel on the 22nd. It has been viewed about 4,190 times before the deadline. The video description shows that the song is sung by Gigi Leung and narrated by Lun Yongliang. Composer and arrangement, lyrics by Holf Yuen and Ronnie Ko, song producers are Lun Yongliang and "Master Chang Lin", and the MV is directed by Yuan Jianwei.

According to the introduction of the YouTube channel "Stop, Stop, Breathe" that uploaded the MV of the song, the founder is "Master Chang Lin" and the then deputy director of the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau, Xu Xiaohui, and the introduction also states that the organization's "goal is to tailor-made for Hong Kong people. Create a simple method of peace of mind, stop at the right time in the busy life to decompress and relieve emotions", and finally explain that "Heart Respiratory Co., Ltd." is a charity organization recognized by the Hong Kong government, and attach the charity license number "91/17061 ".

Yuan Jianwei married Golden Horse actress Carrie Lam in 2010. He debuted in 1990 and has directed many superstar MVs, including Aaron Kwok "I Really Love You", Beyond "Mom and Dad", Grasshopper "The World Will Become Very Very Beauty", and has also directed films including 2016 "Dark Paradise" and 2020 "Death Without Suspicious Cause".

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