[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] "Sister Youge" Lin Yujun accidentally fell while skating in January and broke her right foot. , Sister Youge finally received 770,000 yuan. She revealed that when she returned to the clinic, she was told by the doctor that the situation was very serious and that she needed to "surgery to dig out the bones", which made her quite frightened.

Sister Youge fell while skating and broke her right foot.

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Sister Youge posted a post asking for help on the limited-time dynamics, revealing that when she returned to the doctor a few days ago, the doctor said that the injury was very serious, "The bones have not fully grown, and there are many broken bones, and then they assert that they will never grow bones again!" The other party also blamed her for not Surgery, but now it is not so simple to operate, it needs to dig out the bones, which made her terrified.

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Sister Youge asked for help on the limited-time news.

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She also said that at the time of the fracture, the two doctors who first saw her said that her fracture was the fibula, and it didn’t matter whether she had an operation or not. “Then I didn’t feel any pain at all. I can walk now! But today I was really dumbfounded when I heard that the bone was going to be dug..." She also shared the X-rays of her first injury and this return visit, and then received help from many enthusiastic friends. She also admitted that after a comprehensive assessment, "Most of the doctors said that it is true that the bone has been like this for two months. It is really not expected to grow well. If you are worried about future function, you may really need surgery." Then he also said that he would recommend it from everyone. In the doctor, see another doctor for an evaluation decision.

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