Mr. 486 announced his retirement at the end of last year, and the trend has attracted much attention.

(Reposted from Facebook of Mr. 486)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Chen Yanchang, a well-known Internet celebrity and group buying e-commerce owner "Mr. 486", threw a shocking bomb at the end of last year. He burst into tears and announced that he will gradually hand over the batons and decide to retire in the near future. He is currently semi-retired and started Do "what you like".

Early this morning (29th), Mr. 486 chose to be in the early morning of the "Youth Day", and revealed a sad true story on Facebook. He mentioned that he filed a lawsuit against several netizens at the end of last year, and one of them was very unlucky. Summoned to the case to write the transcript, "He was scared to death, and then he was in a bad mood for 10 days during the Spring Festival, and his family did not understand his mental retardation. Why are you insulting Mr. 486 on the Internet?"

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Mr. 486 went on to say domineeringly that he later settled with the other party for 150,000 yuan. He said with a smile that he filed a lawsuit twice a year, and now it has developed into a group lawsuit. money, I support and sponsor tuition and living expenses for a lot of children.” After the exposure of the deeds of love, it became a good story.

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