Mayday launched the first "Noah's Ark" upgraded concert in Kaohsiung.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Kaohsiung Report] Today (29) is the 26th anniversary of the Mayday Army. For the 8th time, the team members stood on the stage of the main venue of the Kaohsiung World Games and held the "Noah's Ark 10th Anniversary Evolution Re-enactment Concert". Due to 10 days ago, the South Korean women's group BLACKPINK completed two concerts at the same venue, which caused a sensation. Tonight, Mayday also went all out. Drummer Guanyou called on the audience of 50,000 fans to shout in unison, and said with a smile: "Send your voice to Go to Korea and listen to BLACKPINK!"

After singing "Long Live Love", "Perfume" and other songs, Ashin said: "Welcome everyone back to Mayday's Noah's Ark." Since he joked in the community that he could dance BLACKPINK's dance, the fans in the audience kept shouting " dance", Ashin said: "You know who is on stage, right? Then why do you want us to dance?" He shot directly.

Ashin also said: "The first game in Kaohsiung, today is also a special day, let us move on."

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Shitou said to the crowd of fans: "I tried my best today." Martha shouted: "Good night, Kaohsiung! Noah's Ark finally sailed back to Kaohsiung. I am very happy that the whole boat is full of people. After revisiting, some content is similar to It was different before, and I hope everyone will gain a lot of strength from the concert." The last time Mayday held the "Noah's Ark" concert at the Kaohsiung World Games Main Stadium was in 2012.

Monster said: "Seeing all the people, I feel very excited." Guanyou said: "I'm glad to be back in Kaohsiung again. BLACKPINK was here two weeks ago." The fans in the audience suddenly shouted "Dancing", Guanyou said with a smile: "You guys got the group wrong!" Guanyou said: "We have 50,000 people today, and everyone spread their voices to Korea for BLACKPINK to listen to." Only to Tainan, no, only to Xiaogang Airport." The group member added: "I hope everyone is exhausted like Mayday, and their voices are broken."

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