The Chief of the Arusha District, Felician Mtahengerwa, has ended the crisis of more than 500 workers of the Lodhia Group steel factory located in Arusha.

DC Mtahengerwa has said that there were complaints of being threatened with a pistol, doing hard work and being paid a low salary, so he has met with the factory management and agreed on various issues regarding workers' rights, including workers' meetings.

He has asked the workers to continue working as the government has agreed with the management in ensuring the best interests of the workers, they are improved including salaries and additional work payments.

"There are service matters we have agreed including the presence of work equipment that meets the quality of work and those who have raised various claims, should not be fired but should work and if they are fired, they have committed other mistakes and are not entitled to their rights," he said.

And the Chairman of Lodhia Group Companies, Harun Lodhia has emphasized that what has happened has been balanced with the main goal for workers to find employment and promised to increase the amount of money for workers, including the salary level for all cadres of factory workers from Sh150,000 to Sh180,000 and insisting that workers work when they are paid their salaries.

"Every year twice they will hold meetings with those workers, I ask that we forgive each other, we are all human beings, let's work and if you get a salary, don't sleep and come to work," he said.