[Reporter Lin Xiuhao/Taipei Report] After "Big S" Xu Xiyuan divorced Wang Xiaofei, because Wang Xiaofei failed to fulfill the promised living expenses, the big S petitioned the court to enforce the 7.5 million yuan of Wang Xiaofei's property. A few days ago, the Taipei District Court concluded that Wang Xiaofei lost the lawsuit. Today ( 29) Rixiao S attended a skin care product endorsement event, and when asked about it, she immediately replied: "Do you think I dare to talk about my sister?"

Little S attended the skin care product endorsement event.

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Although Xiao S mentioned that her sister kept a low profile and avoided talking about it, she also said that Big S was fine physically and mentally, especially with her brother-in-law, the whole atmosphere in the house was full of good, and there were many pink bubbles. Are sister and brother-in-law wronged? She glared at the reporter jokingly, and immediately said with a smile, "We still go to their house to eat and chat from time to time. The whole atmosphere is very good!" Immediately changed the subject.

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Little S said that Big S was fine physically and mentally.

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This time she accepted the endorsement of skin care products, and Xiao S also revealed that her status in the family has become very high. The reason is that her mother-in-law herself is a fan of this series of skin care products. A box", and praised himself for being great, which made Xiao S dumbfounded when he heard it. He also expressed that now his mother-in-law always has a sense of "respect" in her eyes, and laughed all over the audience!

Taking over the endorsement of skin care products this time, Xiao S also revealed that her status at home has become very high.

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And a few days ago, Xiao S took her daughters to Kaohsiung to watch the BLACKPINK concert, but she "sent" them in to watch, "Because other parents liked BLACKPINK very much at the time, and it happened that her daughter was invited to watch by me, so I sent I gave her the ticket", but I ran back to the hotel to drink and watch the show, "But I am very happy to see my daughter happy."

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