[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] 18 days after the escaping baboon in Taoyuan was finally arrested, he was shot dead by a shotgun. Officials from the Bureau of Agriculture took turns taking pictures of the baboons and did not send them to the hospital immediately. Express regret and promise to review and punish.

Financial Internet celebrity "Emmy Hu" Hu Caiping said that there is no one to clean up everyone's broken hearts, and urged Zhang Shanzheng not to hide, but to come forward to appease people's hearts.

The baboon died, and the whole Taiwan mourned.

(file photo)

As for why the unjust death of the baboons caused the whole Taiwan to fall into grief and anger towards the relevant personnel of the Taoyuan City Bureau, Hu Caiping analyzed that everyone will be so sad because they are watching the whereabouts of the baboons. It is like a friend of everyone, a friend of all Taiwanese. It is very happy to talk about what he ate and where he was photographed.

Her father kept laughing when he saw the news, and her mother hoped that the baboons would go around the island before going back to Leofoo Village.

Hu Caiping originally wanted to take her niece to Liufu Village to see baboons.

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Officials from the Taoyuan City Bureau of Agriculture sparked controversy by presenting flowers and bowing to baboons.

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Everyone thought that the baboon would eventually go back to the zoo, but the news of his death came out, and the process was so tragic that everyone couldn't believe it.

Hu Caiping named Zhang Shanzheng, as the head of the Taoyuan family, she should come out to appease everyone's emotions, and explain the incident and follow-up processing, instead of avoiding seeing each other all the time, after all, everyone felt a huge emotional gap.

Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng.

(File photo, photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

She said that a good leader will know that at this time, it is necessary to appease everyone's emotional shock and calm people down.

Now everyone feels like a hurt child who really needs a pat, instead of being broken up and left alone, feeling really bad, "Like we're not worth it, the baboons are not worth it, The whole thing is broken."

She also said that a good leader is an innate trait and can respond to the emotions of the masses. However, this requires talent. Understand that this is an important moment for them to win the sincere entrustment of the masses.

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