MUME, a restaurant under MMHG Xiangle Catering Group, ranked 45th among Asia's Top 50 Best Restaurants.

(Provided by MMHG) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Report from Taipei] This year's "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" awards ceremony was held in Singapore on March 28, the first time since the 2019 Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19, new coronavirus) epidemic Returning to the award ceremony held in the entity, "Le Du" in Bangkok won the first place, while "MUME" led by Chef Lin Quan (Richie Lin) jumped to the No. 54 restaurant in Taiwan, the only restaurant on the list. No. 45, the only restaurant in Taiwan to be shortlisted in the top 50. Led by international famous chef Jiang Zhencheng, "Chuan Jiangyue" in Macau won the 43rd place, and "Born" in Singapore won the 36th place.

MUME is close to the local area and cooperates with small farmers, fishermen and local operators to develop unique cuisine.

(Provided by MMHG) MMHG Xiangle Catering Group, founded by Chef Lin Quan, and its restaurant "MUME" team said that the restaurant entered the list again. In addition to the affirmation of the restaurant, it is also grateful for the international recognition of the group's long-standing commitment to the restaurant. Thanks to the continuous persistence and hard work, and at the same time thanks to the gift from the land, MUME can lead customers to understand Taiwan's dining culture through layers of delicacies.

MMHG Xiangle Catering Group's trendy home-cooked restaurant baan in Taipei is the only overseas branch of Chef Thitid Tassanakajohn (Chef Ton), the restaurant "baan" in Bangkok.

(Provided by MMHG) In addition, Thitid Tassanakajohn (Chef Ton)'s Michelin one-star restaurant Le Du won this year's Asia's 50 Best Restaurant. The only overseas branch of Ton's Bangkok restaurant "baan".

"Baan" originally means "home" in Thai. In order to inherit the requirements and spirit of the restaurant, it presents authentic Thai home cooking, insists on using fresh spices, and makes all kinds of curries and sauces by hand every day. We hope that customers will come You can feel "home" when you dine.

Xiangle Catering Group's baan dishes are fashionable and authentic, representing Chef Ton's proud mother's taste, and are very popular among Taiwanese gourmets.

(Provided by MMHG) Chef Lin Quan said: "Every restaurant under the group has a consistent culinary philosophy, and they are good at making use of the characteristics of local ingredients, interpreting and conveying the beauty of cuisine through different styles, and hope that the sustainable value can continue to be implemented in our restaurants. Every restaurant." Sincerely thank all partners and every customer, the group will continue to work hard to explore the delicious flavor of food, continue to bring Taiwan's fine dining to the world, and explore more possibilities of ingredients Towards the direction of sustainable development.

Before the announcement of the top 50 restaurants in Asia, the list of the 100 best restaurants in Asia in 2023 was announced on March 16. There are 3 restaurants in Taiwan on the list, namely: Liberté in Kaohsiung (No. 96) , Taipei's Adachi Sushi (No. 87) and Taipei's Logy (No. 57). This year, MUME is the best in Taiwan, ranking 45th in the top 50 list.

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