[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Double-gold actress Xie Yingxuan, Huang Jianwei, and Wang Jing starred in the Netflix Chinese staff drama "The Chosen One-The Wave Maker". Mom is here", Wang Jing was confused and asked: "My mother?", Alyssa Chia, the mother who had appeared in the movie "Waterfall", appeared in front of his eyes, and Wang Jing immediately shouted in surprise, "Why didn't you tell me! Scared me!" Alyssa Chia sent a big hug to warm her heart, and the atmosphere of the scene was warm and joyful.

Alyssa Chia (right) made a surprise appearance to visit "former daughter" Wang Jing.

(courtesy of Netflix)

In addition, the album describes the story of the election staff team brainstorming and fighting a beautiful election campaign. In order to restore the real election party office, the crew rented a 2-story office with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 100 square meters to fully present the daily work of the political staff. Director Lin Junyang said bluntly The scene is very realistic, "I believe its size and scale are really different from the office worker dramas you will see in the past."

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Xie Yingxuan plays a political party staff.

(courtesy of Netflix)

Huang Jianwei plays the director of the political party office.

(courtesy of Netflix)

The main scene of the office occupies a large area, and the range and span of moving in video and drama are much larger than imagined. He broke down and said, "I was too late!" Huang Jianwei, who played the director of the Publicity Department of the PKR, also said, "It's so difficult."

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