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Sigmund Freud, the most famous psychiatrist and father of psychoanalysis, among other things, has left us genius wisdom and universal sayings that are relevant at all times.

Among them is a lesson that everyone should remember - how to recognize stupid people?

The legendary psychoanalyst very quickly discovered human stupidity and advises how to detect it with one sentence: "The first sign of human stupidity is the complete absence of shame," Freud points out.

So, when you find yourself in a situation where you are embarrassed by someone else's behavior or speech, or are surprised by some crazy actions, you immediately know who you are dealing with.

It's not your problem, it's theirs.

Don't lower your standards because of it and don't do what they tell you to do because you will become a clown too. 

"Drive to Destruction".

Why man chooses to go to war, according to Einstein and Freud

If they don't appreciate you, don't prove yourself - just be yourself.

Don't compromise your dignity to gain trust, you won't get it anyway.

It is enough to stay true to yourself in spite of everything and you will see how after time things will change by themselves.

But don't expect overnight changes.

The right people will discover your value sooner or later.

When you find such people, hold them like a drop of water in the palm of your hand, and ignore the rest.

Your eyes will not immediately notice the value of such people, but once you recognize them, do not let anything distract you from them.

Phenomenal test of Sigmund Freud will expose you

When you become the best version of yourself, then people will appear whose presence will turn into a real adventure, Blitz writes in its material.