The 2023 Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival combines the theme of Disney's Centennial Celebration and will be held every Monday and Thursday from April 20 to June 29 at the Guanyinting Park.

(Picture/recapped from Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival FB)

The most anticipated "2023 Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival" every summer has finally announced the highlights of the event!

This year coincides with the 100th anniversary of Disney, and the Penghu Fireworks Festival will combine the drone theme of Disney’s Centennial Celebration, bringing a fireworks event from April 20th to June 29th, as well as Disney’s open-air cinema, Alice in Wonderland and the Little Beauty Lighting Gallery, etc. Not to be missed, the Family Mart also opened pre-orders for Disney peripheral products first, so that everyone can feel the full of joy.

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Dreamy double water curtain light and shadow show + weekend picnic market until the end of May

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This year’s Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival is held every Monday and Thursday in the Guanyinting Park. In addition to the wonderful stage activities and 10-minute fireworks show, 700 drones will perform Disney-themed performances at the opening and closing scenes, and an additional 200 will perform For the Penghu-themed drone show, 700 drones are used to perform Disney-themed performances on weekdays. The county government has also increased the fireworks specifications. In addition to 30 12-inch high-altitude fireworks for each opening and closing show, there are also 10 high-altitude fireworks for each weekday show. There are more than 200 different suits in each show, creating a splendid fireworks show.

Cute Mickey and Minnie dolls will welcome passengers at Penghu Airport.

(Picture/recapped from Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival FB)

In addition, this year's Fireworks Show can be watched in advance from April!

On April 13th, the county government will increase the number of trials in the Guanyinting Park, and specially invite the Xuanxiang Wind Orchestra, which will be performed by the Magong High School, Magong Junior High School and Huxi Middle School Wind Orchestra. The performance will start at 7:30 p.m. 200 drones will be used to perform the Penghu-themed light show. On May 12, May 24 and June 10, three outlying island firework shows, including Jibei, Qimei and Wang'an, will be moved to outlying islands in the evening. There will be a wonderful stage performance at 7 o'clock, and a special fireworks show for outlying islands at 8 o'clock in the evening.

From April 13th, Penghu Airport will set up a Mickey and Minnie doll photo zone, so that the public can rush to take beautiful photos as soon as they arrive in Penghu. In addition, in the historical park adjacent to the Guanyin Pavilion Park, there will be an Alice in Wonderland-themed check-in backboard and Penghu double The image of the heart is on the back panel, and the Guanyinting Park uses this Disney theme to set up a large-scale event entrance arch and a Little Mermaid-themed light corridor, leaving many beautiful memories for the public on the fireworks tour.

The Historic Park will set up Alice in Wonderland themed check-in backboards.

(Picture/recapped from Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival FB)

A series of Disney-themed merchandise for the Fireworks Festival is a must!

Including a limited-edition T-shirt featuring the cute Mickey and Minnie, commemorative caps, commemorative towels, waterproof beach bags, mugs, commemorative key rings, Mickey and Minnie charm dolls, the FamilyMart convenience store APP "All+1 Mall" and The e-commerce platform "Family Mart Mobile Shopping" has opened for pre-orders. From April 20th, it can be purchased at the Penghu Fireworks Festival, the Penghu Ocean Geopark Center, and Penghu Family Mart supermarkets.

If you purchase goods on site at the Fireworks Festival, you can also participate in lottery draws for air tickets and accommodation coupons, or participate in stamp collection and questionnaire activities, and get free Disney key rings.

Disney-themed products for the 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival can be pre-ordered on the FamilyMart app.

(Photo/Provided by Family Mart)

As long as you have an air ticket or boat ticket from the main island of Taiwan to Penghu, you can enjoy coffee, private tea, and Kubinsha buy one get one free.

(Photo/Provided by Family Mart)

The seven firework theaters that fans are concerned about will play Disney, Pixar and Marvel classic movies in the Guanyinting Park. The time slots are: "Black Panther" on April 27, "Animal City" on May 11, and May 18. "Big Heroes" on May 25, "Frozen 2" on May 29, "Toy Story" on May 29, "Moana" on June 5, "Brain Teasers" on June 12, Guanyinting Park Seats are free, and the public can also sit on the seawall or on the grass, bring snacks, drinks or snacks to enjoy, and spend a pleasant movie night.

2023 Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival event schedule.

(Picture/recapped from Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival FB)


2023 Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival

Time: April 20th to June 29th

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