Runbing is a delicacy for the Ching Ming Festival. However, a serving of moistening cakes has about 300 to 500 calories, which is a hidden calorie crisis.

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[Reporter Qiu Zhirou/Taipei Report] Runbing is a delicacy for the Ching Ming Festival. However, a serving of moistening cakes has about 300 to 500 calories. Taking an adult weighing 60 kg as an example, it takes 2 hours of jogging to consume these calories. National Health The Department today (29th) suggested that the public can DIY moisten cakes, and taught the 5 principles to teach the public to eat delicious and healthy.

The National Health Administration pointed out that the method of moistening cakes in the north and the south is different. Generally speaking, the fillings in the northern moistening pancakes are mostly boiled or boiled vegetables, fried red meat, dried tofu and meringue and other ingredients are added, and peanut sugar is sprinkled at the end flour, while the southern cakes are mostly filled with dry fried vegetables, and then topped with ingredients such as sausages, stewed meat, and oil noodles. The matching peanut sugar powder will be mixed with a higher proportion of sugar. No matter where the cake is made, a The calories are about 300 to 500 calories, which is higher than about 280 calories in a bowl of rice.

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How to eat healthier food for the occasion, the National Health Administration shared 5 principles, the first is to give priority to high-fiber cake crust, the second is to eat more fresh colorful vegetables, the third is to choose high-quality protein and cook with less oil, and the fourth is to Reduce the amount of refined sugar. Finally, it is recommended to identify the label of peanut powder and add appropriate amount.

Luo Suying, head of the Community Health Team of the National Health Department, said that traditional moistening cakes are mostly made of medium and high-gluten flour, salt and water, which are refined starches. It is recommended to choose fiber-rich whole wheat, purple yam or pumpkin flavors to moisten the skin. You can add more fresh and colorful vegetables to the cake, and choose beans, fish, eggs and meat ingredients such as dried bean curd, egg skin, chicken or lean meat with low fat content, and cook with blanching, boiling, low-temperature baking, etc. Ways to avoid excessive intake of fat and calories.

Luo Suying said that peanut sugar powder is usually added to moistening cakes. Once excessive intake of refined sugar, it is easy to cause problems such as obesity, abnormal metabolism, dental caries and emotional instability. It is recommended that the public reduce the use of peanut sugar powder, or use fresh fruit Sweetness can be used instead of peanut powdered sugar, such as apples, bananas, kiwis, etc. In addition, peanuts contain high calories, and it is recommended to consume no more than 1 teaspoon per meal. If you buy peanut powder yourself, you should also check the food label and shelf life. Only by choosing products with normal appearance and complete packaging can you eat with more peace of mind.

The National Health Administration also reminds that if you use moist cakes as a main meal, remember to reduce the staple food, meat and oils in the meal, and supplement fruits and dairy products in a timely manner, so as to meet the nutrition required for the day. In addition, pay attention to The storage time of moistened cakes should not be too long to avoid food spoilage caused by bacterial growth and ensure food safety.

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