Every move of Zhang Lan (left) and Wang Xiaofei has been highly concerned by fans and netizens.

(Composite photo; Flip Weibo)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] "Big S" Xu Xiyuan and her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei have divorced long ago, but the two are still entangled. Her mother-in-law Zhang Lan has also caused a lot of trouble recently. The live broadcast denounced Zhang Lan for owing money, and Wang Xiaofei was not much better, and was swept away by the typhoon for no reason.

Regarding Zhang Lan's former employee's accusation, Wang Xiaofei reposted the video before netizens dug up Meng He to slap him in the face late last night. Meng He also immediately responded to Wang Xiaofei's method, saying that Wang Xiaofei reposted the video on Douyin. Netizens took it out of context and choked Wang Xiaofei: Go to your mother well."

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Speaking of the excitement, Meng He also complained that Wang Xiaofei shouldn't pretend to be a good son, and stop playing with the affection between mother and child. He took the opportunity to tease Wang Xiaofei for publicly scolding Zhang Lan before, and finally threatened to reveal his and Zhang Yingying's secrets.

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