[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Zhang Lan has achieved quite a lot in live broadcasting, but recently it was revealed that the live broadcasting team of more than 20 people resigned collectively. The former employees were dissatisfied with being owed wages. RMB (approximately 4 million Taiwan dollars) will not be returned.

Zhang Lan (right) and Wang Xiaofei.

(Turn over Weibo)

A former employee said in a live broadcast that Zhang Lan’s live broadcast team was in charge of interviews, recruitment, training, and operation, and all employees’ salaries were paid by him before asking Zhang Lan.

He started to collect the money in September last year, and showed Zhang Lan the details of the payment from May to August, but Zhang Lan resorted to delaying tactics. He originally said that he was abroad and would give it to him when he returned to Beijing. Still didn't pay.

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Zhang Lan's previous live broadcast claimed that he was owed 4 million in wages.

(Turn over Weibo)

Originally, the arrears were as high as 1.1 million RMB (approximately NT$5 million). Later, after the rent was discounted, they still owed RMB 900,000 (approximately NT$4 million). Said: "You have to be grateful." He tried to contact Wang Xiaofei to see if the other party could contact Zhang Lan or repay the debt for her. Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaofei had already blocked him, and finally launched a live broadcast to complain. He also hinted that he had suffered a lot. Wronged, "There are many things that have not been made public."

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