Yang Ziyi was blocked by Sanli.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Yang Ziyi recently filmed Sanlixin's 8 o'clock file "The Way of Heaven" to perform Jiang Guobin's youthful days, and the most critical part of these memorabilia scenes is the end of the plot, but Yang Ziyi could not continue to perform, resulting in "The Way of Heaven" The loss of millions will also affect the shooting schedule, so San Lijin said: "We have decided to terminate all cooperation with Yang Ziyi with immediate effect, and the projects currently in progress, including variety shows and dramas, will also be suspended immediately."

Yang Ziyi revealed the mystery of this public ban 4 days ago. He posted on Facebook that he "cherish fate, cherish blessings, and not be bound." Today, he responded through his agent: "Cherish all the hard-won fate and cooperate with adjustments as much as possible. It is really difficult to add guest performances because of the established personal plans and arrangements in the later stage."

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