Li Yunqing (from left) and Yang Ziyi and Fan Chenfei's "Heavenly Way" has only the most critical memory scene left, but Yang Ziyi cannot continue to perform and was blocked by the TV station.

(provided by Sanli)

[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Yang Ziyi recently made a guest appearance in Sanlixin's 8 o'clock file "The Way of Heaven", but was banned by the TV station.

Sanli pointed out yesterday that there is only the most critical ending scene left, but Yang Ziyi's reluctance to continue the performance will cause serious losses to the show and also affect the shooting schedule, so Sanli decided to block Yang Ziyi. Do your best to deal with the follow-up.”

Producer Xu Jiasen restored the whole story of Yang Ziyi's performance, pointing out that Yang Ziyi made a cameo appearance and filmed more than a dozen scenes for 3 days. The screenwriter wanted to write a few more scenes to pave the way for the future plot, and asked Yang Ziyi if he could add more scenes, but Yang Ziyi could not agree due to follow-up work arrangements.

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As for Sanli's statement that "all cooperation with Yang Ziyi will be terminated immediately, and current projects, including variety shows and dramas, will also be suspended immediately." It is quite rare for a TV station to publicly ban an artist.

Sanli further stated that in order to make Yang Ziyi willing to nod and perform, they showed full sincerity. In addition to being willing to cooperate with his time for filming, the general manager Gao Minghui personally drove to Wulai Temple to ask him face to face, and even waited for him in the rain Several hours, but Yang Ziyi chose not to meet, and did not answer the producer's phone call, so the TV station ordered to block it.

Regarding Sanli’s move to block Yang Ziyi, some industry insiders revealed that this was actually an example to scare the monkeys, because now many actors will repeatedly agree to the performance opportunities offered by TV stations or use excuses, thinking that “it’s not bad for a platform opportunity”, and then Angry TV.

Regarding being unable to continue the guest performance of "The Way of Heaven", Yang Ziyi revealed the mystery on Facebook 5 days ago, expressing "cherishing fate, cherishing blessings, and not being bound." After the incident broke out yesterday, he responded in a low-key manner: "Because I cherish all the hard-won fate , as much as possible to coordinate and adjust. It is really difficult to add guest performances in "The Way of Heaven" because of the established personal plans and arrangements in the later stage. I hope there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, thank you!" Among them, "it is really difficult to add" is actually all the truth of the matter.

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