[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Wang Leehom's "ONE Leehom Wang" concert in the United States in January was well received. The first stop in Asia will be held in Bangkok on June 10. What is the plan for the Taiwan show?

The organizer responded: "Arrangements are in progress."

Wang Leehom will start singing in Bangkok and hold the "ONE Leehom Wang One Wang Leehom" concert.

(Provided by Kuanyu International)

It is understood that Wang Leehom's Bangkok concert will have a different repertoire from the United States. It is expected to reproduce the new songs "ONE" and "See You If You Want to Meet". What is surprising is that he has invited Thailand's "Guitar King" Jack Thammarat, known as "God", was the guest.

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Leehom Wang has continued to devote himself to music creation after finishing his concert in the United States. He is working very hard on writing songs and practicing the piano. In addition to Bangkok, which will be his first stop in Asia, he also has many plans for overseas tours. This year's schedule can be said to be full.

The movie "Fast Life" starring Thin Man will be released on April 27.

(Provided by Kuanyu International)

The concert organizer Kuanyu International, this year includes music, movies, and concerts. In addition to Wang Leehom's concert, there will also be the movie "Fast Life" starring "Ella" Chen Jiahua and "Ella" in April. Released on the 27th.

The queen "Amei" Zhang Huimei will hold the "aMEI ASMR World Tour Concert" at the Kaohsiung Arena, and she will also sing a new song "Parting Is Always So Sudden" for the movie "Fast Life".

"Parting Is Always So Sudden" was composed and produced by Huang Yunling, and kwan and Li Zhuoxiong wrote the lyrics. The dream lineup of Golden Melody Award winners, coupled with Amei's restrained and touching performance, made the single hit the top of the charts as soon as it was released, and won unanimous praise. Known as the best gift Amei gave fans before the concert.

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