The 92-year-old Grandma Lai pointed out that she suffered from diabetic left foot ulcers. Only two toes were amputated at Annan Hospital. After treatment, she can still stand and walk.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] Grandma Lai is 92 years old and has a history of diabetes for 10 years. In recent years, she has had wounds on both feet that are difficult to heal. Last year, her left toe was severely rotten and ulcerated. She went to Tainan City Annan Hospital Seek medical attention and end up with two toes amputated.

Tang Huijun, director of the Foot Wound Center of the hospital, managed to give innovative negative pressure wounds, amniotic membrane and other treatments. In the past year, grandma's wounds have not only healed, but she can also stand up and walk. She returned to the hospital to thank the medical team.

Annan Hospital stated that since the establishment of the Foot Wound Center, the use of integrated care and new dressings to treat difficult wounds of diabetic feet has achieved remarkable results. The average patient satisfaction with medical treatment has reached 94%, and the overall limb retention rate has also reached 85.2%, which is not inferior to international medical standards. , and won the 25th National Quality Medal last year.

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Tang Huijun pointed out that there are more than 2 million diabetics in Taiwan, which can be called Taiwan's new generation of "national disease".

Among them, "diabetic foot" (diabetic foot wound) is a common chronic complication of this disease, often caused by a small wound, if neglected or improperly treated, it will develop into a local ulcer or lower limb amputation, and may even cause honeycomb due to bacterial infection Sexual tissue inflammation, and then lead to systemic sepsis, associated with multiple organ failure, the severity should not be underestimated.

The 92-year-old Grandma Lai pointed out that she suffered from diabetic left foot ulcers. Only two toes were amputated at Annan Hospital, and she can still walk after treatment.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

Annan Hospital established the Foot Wound Center to treat and care for diabetic foot wounds, and to prevent diabetic foot ulcers and reduce the possibility of amputation.

Tang Huijun said that patients with diabetic foot often have multiple comorbidities, such as peripheral arterial blockage (lower extremity arterial stenosis, poor blood circulation (Grandpa is burning the house, why don’t you walk? How can you walk if your feet are numb), neuropathy (Why can’t grandma feel? ), dialysis, etc.

The Foot Wound Center cooperates with various professional medical teams to provide treatment and care, and also focuses on personnel training (such as inviting attending physicians from relevant departments to give speeches to increase understanding and treatment of different aspects of diseases), equipment, space planning, resource integration, etc. The optimization, follow-up more continuous health education, televised care, and the production of assistive devices to improve the stability of patients' walking and improve the quality of life of patients after surgery.

Tang Huijun also said that the foot wound center of the hospital currently accepts cases with relatively high wound severity (osteomyelitis and gangrene), and the treatment policy is to remove the infection surgically, and multi-team treatment for comorbidities (blood sugar control, kidney dialysis, vascular Plastic surgery to open blood vessels), plus various dressings such as negative pressure wound therapy, artificial dermis, amniotic membrane (the film of the human placenta near the fetal surface, containing more than 100 growth factors), and other innovative resources integration, resulting in an overall limb retention rate of 85.2 %, and the average satisfaction rate of patients in the medical survey is as high as 94%.

92-year-old Grandma Lai (4th from left) with diabetic foot rot was able to stand and walk on both feet after being treated at Annan Hospital. She and her daughter returned to the hospital to thank the medical team.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

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