[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] The news that the Taoyuan baboon escaped for 18 days caused a sensation in Taiwan. Unexpectedly, yesterday (27) it was announced that the baboon had been captured, but the next second it was shot by a hunter with a shotgun, and unfortunately died. Shocked netizen.

Among the many controversies, Ouyang Jing is more afraid of what to do when "a person with a live ammunition shotgun enters the community and shoots freely".

Ouyang Jing expresses his opinion.

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Ouyang Jing expressed her opinion on the death of the baboon. She said that she did not want to accuse the public authorities of shirking their responsibilities, but it would be even more terrifying if no unit actually assigned the hunter to act. She said: "No one appointed him because he wanted to Just shoot? How can such a person be a legal hunter? If his target today is not a baboon?"

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Ouyang Jing said that she didn’t dare to think about it anymore, especially the school shooting in Tennessee, USA, where 3 children and 3 school staff were brutally killed. She believed that the death of the baboon gave us a lot of vigilance, and she felt sorry for the tragic death of the baboons in her heart. Pray, "may its soul return to the wide prairie, where the breeze blows".

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