[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] The drama "International Bridge Club" rumor "Peaceful Return" takes the 2003 SARS epidemic in Taiwan as the background of the story.

The second episode was aired last Saturday. "Danny" Huang Bowen from the boy band idol "BAD" also participated in the performance, and also reproduced the singing and dancing in the play. Some netizens exclaimed: "The maintenance is too good!"

Danny (middle) appeared in the first scene of the play, which was to warm up the scene with singing and dancing for a city government event.

(Provided by PTV)

After "Danny" Huang Bowen in "BAD" quit the showbiz, his real identity is the hospital Xiaokai. This time "Peaceful Return" was filmed in his hospital, so he also made a cameo performance in the play, playing a dependent father, Airborne to the hospital to take up the role of the chief physician of internal medicine. In the hospital, he has a good relationship with the chief and is also good at wooing the relationship with the nurses. He and the heroine Zhong Yao are both internal medicine physicians, and the two are in a competitive relationship.

This time, Danny will perform in a TV series again after 18 years. The last time he performed was in 2005 in the CTS TV series "I Only Care About You".

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Danny (right) once again acted in a TV series after 18 years.

(Provided by PTV)

In the first act of Danny's appearance in the play, he warms up with singing and dancing for a city government event.

In this regard, Danny said with a smile that he has not performed this past title song "Oh!

I", if there are any bumps, please forgive the former members Ben and Alex.

Before the filming started, Danny admitted that he was very nervous. He said: "Although I haven't sung for a long time, I really miss it. It reminds me of the happy feeling of singing on campus, New Year's Eve, and live."

Danny (second from right) plays the role of a doctor and is very good at building relationships with nurses.

(Provided by PTV)

Danny seems to be proficient at performing dances on the spot, but he admits that he is not a person with very weak muscles and bones. Maybe because he likes to practice hip-hop since he was a child, his physical memory is still there. After that, my whole body was sore for 1 or 2 days.”

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