The little girl did a strong acting, laughingly did something like this, will not believe

A video of a small girl has surfaced on social media and has become a topic of discussion for a very funny reason.

She can be seen crying in the video and this has gained her immense popularity online.

Please don't get us wrong when we say she is 'crying'.

The little girl is only acting as if she is crying.

This clip was shared on a Facebook page which goes by the name of Mrs Bean aka Nicky.

Viral video has got many likes and reactions.

You can hear a man asking the girl to act like she is crying.

Smiling, she listens carefully to his instructions.

He also promises to give her Rs 50 for acting.

She started crying without any provocation and soon tears started flowing from her eyes.

Isn't it method acting?

The person recording the video had to ask her to stop crying after seeing tears welling up in her eyes.

Watch Video:

Everyone was surprised to see the video.

People in the comment section said that she 'deserves an Oscar for her brilliant acting'.

One said – She is really crying even in acting.